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Ammune AI

Ammune™ API security platform is an INLINE advanced machine learning solution that protects APIs from the most advanced attack types, hunting down “zero day” attacks with no impact on traffic. ammune™ API security platform
discovers and defends each API automatically. It iteratively builds negative and positive profiles of each API, that spot and stop emerging threats that otherwise go unnoticed. ammune™ works automatically, without prior knowledge or signatures, detecting and fighting back against attacks in real-time.


Blacklight provides a digitally secure environment to analyze computer and mobile artifacts, allowing investigators to delve deeper into the digital data to discover potential threats and malicious activities.


Social media is the new attack surface and the fastest-growing arena for bad actors.


Cyabra uncovers threats, provides actionable insights and real-time alerts, and safeguards companies, products, and people. Our technology exposes malicious actors, disinformation, bot networks, and GenAI text and images. We break down the billions of conversations taking place online and across social media, understand narratives, and uncover disinformation campaigns.


Focusecure integrated security software revolutionizes business operations by providing high integration, flexibility, visibility, real-time monitoring, and defense. With functions like SIEM, remote access control, network access control, host performance monitoring, and threat intelligence, our platform offers an all-in-one solution that surpasses any other product on the market. Get ready to transform the way you manage security.

Gem Security

Gem delivers a centralized approach to tackle cloud threats, from incident response readiness, through out-of-the-box threat detection, investigation, and response in real-time (Cloud TDIR).

Keeper Security

Keeper Security, Inc. (Keeper) is a provider of zero-knowledge security and encryption software covering password management, secrets management, connection management, privileged access management, dark web monitoring, digital file storage, and encrypted messaging, among other offerings


An award-winning cybercrime threat intelligence firm, KELA’s mission is to provide 100% real, actionable intelligence on threats emerging from the cybercrime underground, to support the prevention of digital crimes. Trusted worldwide, their technology infiltrates hidden underground places and thoroughly monitors, hunts, and mitigates digital crimes to uncover real risks and allow proactive protection.


LMNTRIX is the leader in intelligence led security-as-a-service. Working as a seamless, scalable extension of customer security operations, LMNTRIX offers a single MDR solution called Active Defense that blends our cyber defense platform called LMNTRIX XDR with innovative security technologies, nation-state grade threat intelligence and world-renowned Cyber Defence Centers. With this approach, LMNTRIX eliminates the complexity and burden of cyber security for organizations struggling to prepare for, prevent and respond to cyberattacks.


OneLogin’s Trusted Experience Platform™ simplifies that complexity, centralizing Identity and Access Management (IAM) across all user directories, applications, and devices. Increase employee productivity while ensuring security through single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, context-aware security, and a centralized cloud directory.

Picus Security

The Picus Complete Security Control Validation Platform is a Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) solution that helps you to measure and strengthen cyber resilience by automatically and continuously testing the effectiveness of your prevention and detection tools.


Saviynt enables organizations to merge divergent identity, role, and group definitions across their on-premise, hybrid, and cloud infrastructures to create a single, authoritative identity source. The platform natively integrates with business-critical IaaS and SaaS products, and organizations can limit access beyond the coarse-grained application level and drill down to the “edit/read” level using fine-grained access entitlements.


Splashtop is a family of remote-desktop software and remote support software, developed by Splashtop Inc. Splashtop enables users to remotely access or remotely support computers from desktop and mobile devices.[1] Splashtop enables remote computer access for businesses, IT support and help desks, MSPs, and educational institutions.